Bishar Blues
  • Bishar Blues / $9.19
  • Director:- Amitabh Chakravorty

    Bishar Blues travels across the west Bengal countryside on the trail of the Islamic fakir who walks the path of Marfat.Through the practice of this indigenous form if islam,the keep islam open-ended.Marfat is passed on in the oral tradition through songs.

    About Director; - Amitabh was born in 1959 and resides in Kolkata. After completing his graduation in Political Science, he did a diploma in Film Editing at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Since 1988, he has directed, produced and edited a wide range of films, documentary, feature, docu-feature and commercials. 'Kaal Abhirati', a feature film that he produced and directed, was awarded the Special Jury Award at the National Film Festival in 1990. His documentary films include 'Kitsch-Mitsch' (1996) and 'Bishar Blues' (2006). Amitabh is currently directing 'Cosmic Sex - A Dialogue with Gandhi', a documentary feature.