Lokpriya & Rashikapriya
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  • Lokpriya & Rasikapriya / $9.19
  • Director:- Arun Khopkar

    A journey in to the heart of the hindi film music industry- its sounds,lyrics,beats ,notes and the people who bring them all together.The film undertakes the challenge to visualize the poetry and notes of the ragas of the Indian classical music.

    About Director:- Arun Khopkar's films on arts and artists have won over fifteen national and international awards. He was awarded the Golden Lotus, the highest National Award three times for his short films. His book on the film director Guru Dutt won the National Award for the best book on cinema. he is a film scholar and has contributed papers on film aesthetics to international journals. He is an internationally recognized authority on Eisenstein. He has taught film theory and practice at various institutions around the world.