John and Jane
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  • John & Jane / $9.19
  • Director:- Ashim Ahluwalia

    An uncanny blend of observational documentary and tropical science fiction. JOHN & JANE follows the stories of the six agents that answer American 1-800 numbers in a Mumbai call center.After a heady mix of American culture training and 14-hour night shifts, the jb soon starts to take its toll. Contrasting and flourescent interiors of late night officesand hyper - malls with the uneasy currents swirling around the characters, JOHN & JANE discovers a new generation of Indians that live between the real and the virtual.

    About Director: - Ashim Ahluwalia (born 1972 in Bombay, India) is a film director, screenwriter, and film producer. His first feature was John & Jane, which had a world premiere at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival followed by a European premiere at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival. The film won an Indian National Film Award in 2007.