Note Extraordinaire
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  • Note Extraordinaire / $9.20
  • Director:- Amol Palekar / Sandhya Gokhale

    No price is too hight to pay for the privilege of owning yourself'. Neitzche probably wrote this for the phenomenon called kishori Amonkar whose divine music has entranced us just like it has a million orthers! We always felt that kishori Tai never bothered to manage her self-image, and perhaps therefore, Tai's defiance and impulsiveness overshadowed her pristine classicism and non-conformist experimentation. May be that was one of the deterrent reasons as to why no documentry was made on Tai despite her immense and unparalled contribution to the Indian Classical Music. This glaring lacuna had to be rectified; hence we decided to accept Tai's invitation to take up the daunting task of making this documentry.