The Jazz Singer
Director: Alan Crosland
Usually considered the first sound feature, this 1927 film is pretty much silent except for a few lines of dialogue and Al Jolson's songs. This movie tells the story of young Jakie Rabinowitz , the son of a cantor who wants him to follow in his footsteps, but the singer prefers secular music. He attempts to build a career as an entertainer, but his professional ambitions ultimately come into conflict with the demands of his home and heritage.
  • The Jazz Singer / $9.20
  • Director:- Alan Crosland

    Cantor Rabinowitz is concerned and upset because his son Jakie shows so little interest in carryng on the family's traditions and heritage. For Five generations, men in the family have been Cantors in the synagogue, but Jakie is more interested in jazz and ragtime music. One day, they have such a bitter argument that Jakie leaves home for good. After a few years on his own, now calling himself Jack Robin, he gets an important opportunity through the help of well-known stage performer Mary Dale. But Jakie finds that in order to balance his career, his relationship with Mary, and his memories of his family, he will be forced to make some difficult choices.

    About Director:- Alan Crosland began his career in the motion picture industry in 1912 at Edison Studios in The Bronx, New York, where he worked at various jobs for two yearsuntil he had learned the business sufficiently well to begin directing short films. By 1917 he was directing feature-lenght films and in 1920 directed Olive Thomas in Th Flapper.