Way Back Home
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  • Way Back Home / $9.20
  • Director:- Supriyo Sen

    In 1947 after a protracted struggle India achieved freedom at the cost dividing the Nation in two. Thousands of people were killed in the wake of violent communal riots and millions of people became refugees. The director's parents too had to leave their ancestral home for an unknown future. After more than fifty years are going back to their homeland in Bangladesh. The film is about this journey, memories and sense of history that arises from their personal recollections on their way back home.

    About Director:- Supriyo's films have been widely screened in India and abroad and have won several national and international awards at films festivals including Amsterdam, Nyon, Berlin, Pusan, Yamagata and Mumbai. He has also received prestigious grants like the Sundance Documentary Fund, Jan Vrijman Fund of the International documentary Festival of Ansterdam, Asian Network of Documentary Award of the Pusan International Film Festival.