Inshallah Football
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  • Inshallah, Football / $9.20
  • Director:- Ashwin Kumar

    Basharat is an 18 year old soccer player coached by a gritty couple from South America. He has been selected to play in Brazil. This is his big ticket out of a state ravaged by years of brutal insurgencies — except he is being denied a passport by the government of India. Basharat’s father, Bashir, was a militant who surrendered and spent years in jail, endured torture at infamous interrogation centers of the same government. According to the unwritten rules in Kashmir, an ex-militant’s family is almost never granted a passport — that document of belonging issued by a country that claims Kashmiri identity as part of its own. The film was originally refused a certificate (banned) by the Indian censor board, and later awarded an ‘A’ certificate. A must watch for every citizen concerned about the heath of Indian democracy.

    About Director:- Is the youngest film-maker to be nominated for an Oscar for his short film 'Little Terrorist' (2005). He has produced, written and directed Dazed in Doon (2010), The Forest (2008) and Road to Ladakh (2003). Inshallah, Football is the first documentary film.