Road to Ladakh & Little Terrorist
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  • Little Terrorist/Road to Ladakh / $9.19
  • Director:- Ashwin Kumar

    (Little Terrorist) - Official selection in ove 150 films festivals and winner of them, the Little Terrorist is Jamal, a 10-year-old Pakistan Muslims, mistakenly crosses the border between India and Pakistan and finds an unusual ally in a Hindu Brahmin, Bhola. Indian soldiers descend on Bhola's village searching for the so-called terrorist who crossed over. Jamal's only hope is the humanity sharedby a people separatedby artificial boundaries a long time ago. Little Terrorist was nominated for a Best Live Action Short Oscar.

    (Road to Ladakh) - A coke-snoting urbanite, Sharon (Koel Puri) and a sinister stranger, Shafiq (Irrfan Khan), are thrown together in the surreal moonscapes of Ladakh. A slow burning road-movie unfolds as the sexual tension between Shafiq and Sharon mounts. But their tryst is shadowed by the growing menace of a suspicious Indian army captain, John Chacko (Milan Moudgil), who pursues them to Leh. As the army surrounds them, Sharon learnsthe truth about Safiq's identity. she must make a choice : join him in his deadly mission or leave, knowing that he will be killed if she abandons him.

    About Director:-Ashvin Kumar Is an independent writer/director who has produced and directed Inshallah Football (2010), Dazed in Doon (2010), The Forest (2008), Little Terrorist (2005) and Road to Ladakh (2003). He won the Oscar nomination in the short film category for Little Terrorist.