Digital 2012
  • DIGITAL 2012
  • Enlighten will be celebrating the digital in 2012. Thedigital revolution, which we are in the midst of, represents a landmark changein the way we experience the world. It is a continuing force that is leading toa democratisation of information and art. In film digital has had an impactright the way from the inception of an idea, through to its production,distribution and exhibition. Now diffuse creative forces can collaborate acrossdigital networks, capture films with professional results on a range ofaffordable digital devices from mobile phones to high-end digital movie cameraswith the results being edited conveniently and swiftly on non-linear editingsoftware. The film can be promoted online and through social media, distributedto homes and personal devices at the convenience of the viewer or projectedanywhere in the world on digital projection equipment. These forces are greatlyimproving accessibility of film and enriching people’s cinematic horizons.

    With this in mind Enlighten will be taking a number ofdigital initiatives to ensure we are part of the revolution ourselves. We arecurrently assembling India’s most exciting library of film and audio-visualcontent for a unique online video platform called In addition weare beginning the release of 500 literary titles on digital (and physical)formats. Preparations are underway for the launch of a digital TV channel atthe end of the year.  2012 will see us project an increasing 2012 will see us project an increasing number of filmsthrough high quality 2K and 4K digital projection (of course we have not forgotten where cinema began and will complement our digital screenings with good old fashioned 35mm). We would also curate a film festivalcelebrating digital filmmaking and increasing our work with some of India’s foremost filmmakers toproduce digital films that will appear before film lovers worldwide and will be presented at the world’s leading festivals.