Oliver Twist
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  • Director:- David Lean

    Based on the immortal classic by Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist (John Howard Davies) is the story of an impoverished orphan who escapes from a workhouse and meets a gang of pickpockets in 17th century London. When the greedy cutthroats especially Fagin, the gang leader (Alec Guinness) threaten Oliver’s only chance for happiness, the gentle-hearted boy must summon the courage to fight for his freedom and future.

    About Director:- David Lean (25 March1908 – 16 April 1991) was an English filmmaker, producer, screenwriter andeditor, best remembered for mammoth big-screen epics such as Lawrence ofArabia, The Bridge On The River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago, Ryan's Daughter, and APassage To India. Hailed by great filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and StanleyKubrick as ‘great’, he is a case-study in the art of filmmaking.