Rome Open City
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  • Rome, Open City / $9.19
  • Director:- Roberto Rossellini

    The films follow the fate of several Romans during the last days of the German occupation. Central to the film are Aldo Fabrizi’s Don Pietro, a priest dedicated to helping members of the resistance and the heart-rending performance of Anna Magnani as Pina. Rome, Open City is considered as a major turning point in film history and as a testament to the film’s lasting impact. Jean-luc-Godard famously said” All roads lead to Rome Open City

    About Director:- Widely regarded asthe Father of Neorealism movement in cinema, Roberto Rossellini (8 May 1906 – 3June 1977) brought the real world into films by mixing non-actors and authenticlocales with actors and studio sets. And it was with his trilogy of films madeduring and after World War II—Rome Open City, Paisan, and Germany Year Zero—hetransformed the way the world perceived cinema.