• Pranav Ashar
    Founder Chairman and CEO

    Pranav founded Enlighten in November 2006. He is responsible for day to day operations, product strategy and overall direction of the organisation. He attended the Master's program in philosophy at the Unversity of Mumbai which he left during the final year to focus on Enlighten's growth. Pranav was awarded the British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur of the year 2011 -2012.

    He is currently obsessed with Plato, litchi, Kubrick, books which have 40 ideas per page, gripping films, really slow films, Dylan, Rahaman, relation between form and substance, self, philosopher king, thinking quietly, thinking aloud, silencing thought, finding first class ways to solve problems, OCD, free will, fair dealings, Gandhi, Van Gogh, precision in design, opensource, Google, common sense, excellence, interface, geometry, comparative history, justice, Rumi, bohemian ways, abundance, the present, metaphysics, symbolic logic, J Krishnamurthi, absolutism and nothingness.
  • Board of Directors
  • Kamal Gianchandani
    Member of the Board of Directors 

    Kamal is one of the film industries most respected leaders and ispresident of one of India’s major players, PVR Pictures, which is thedistribution and production arm of the PVR group. Prior to this rolehe was COO of BigFlix and Film Distribution for Reliance.

  • Raj Yerasi
    Member of the Board of Directors

    Raj has a broad range of financial experience in both the US andemerging markets. He has worked as an investment banker andinvestment analyst, and has expertise in the fundamentals ofdifferent businesses in the US and India. He has invested in listedand private companies and helped run one of those privatecompanies during its critical growth phase. He was vice presidentof Sandstone Capital and most recently Executive Director at AIOCDAWACS. Raj is a graduate of Harvard University with a bachelor’sdegree in Applied Mathematics and Economics.
  • Team
  • Malcolm Pope
    Head, Acquisitions-

    Malcolm swapped the calm and verdant surrounds of Henley-on-Thames, England (see the rowing scene from The Social Network) for the hysterical buzz of the streets of Bombay in 2007, as part of the AIESEC graduate placement programme, to work for Subhash Ghai’s film school, Whistling Woods. Four years later, Malcolm is still in Bombay having picked up an MBA and an enthusiasm for the particulars of the business side of the Indian and international film industries. Malcolm had originally become a member of Enlighten in 2007 and is pleased to have now joined the team on a professional level, managing acquisitions for Enlighten's new VOD platform, Apart from working Malcolm still tries to do a bit of DJing and can be occasionally found playing electronica in various nightspots around the country.
  • Ronak Dixit
    Chief of Operations and Marketing

    Think of a people person, and you're thinking of Ronak Dixit. Before he joined Enlighten in December 2009, he honed his skills in fields as varied as the BPO sector and banking, including a three and a half year stint at American Express. Along the way, Ronak also developed his talents at promotions organising a smorgasbord of events for various clients. With these vital experiences behind him, Ronak found an ideal platform for his abilities when he landed at Enlighten as Relationship Manager, and with his deep passion for cinema helping him along, he quickly shone through as a vital part of the team. He now heads the marketing and branding functions at Enlighten, and hopes to lead the initiative to new heights.
  • Ashwin Ashar
    Chief Accounts Officer

    Ashwin (B.Com, ICWA(Inter)) oversees all things financial for Enlighten and has a wealth of over 25 years experience, having run his own accounting consultancy, which has managed the accounting for a number of varied large companies across industries from textiles to media. He is also a consistent source of wisdom in all aspects of the organisation.
  • Vaishali Kannan
    Head, Technical
    Vaishali joined Enlighten in 2013, to handle the technical aspects of Cineoo. Movies and coding, among other things, are the outset of her long list of interests. Her personality oscillates from pragmatism to idealism and back, which provides for an interesting blend in perspective that paves way for revolutionary thought and effective strategies for their fulfilment. Outside work she is a novice fencer and a novel writer in the making.