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The Cinema and Events brand owned by Enlighten. 
100% Creative and 100% Human

The clear idea of the Matterden CFC is to break the barriers of conventional movie watching and renewing the experience with Creativity, Computation Clarity and Surprise. The important questions Matterden CFC asked itself were: How will people feel a deep sense of connection to a film watching and filmmaking? What can it do besides screening excellent films? What is that I can’t download, what is that I can’t stream? The old answer is experience. Yes, of course experience, but what else? We found that people want to meet people, not only screens. The simple answer we found was in the idea of having a communion between digital and the physical idea of creativity, collaboration, enjoyment, consumption, meetups and more. People should experience the new, ever evolving language of cinema/video, because that is the way we and will communicate, make our art and design further.


We run Matterden CFC, India's first International Film Centre

We have created India's Biggest Film Society - Enlighten Film Society

We are the biggest distributors of world cinema in India.




List of Indian Films we have been associated with are:

-Sonchidi as Presenter and Producer

-Good Night Good Morning, Little Terrorist, Ship of Theseus, John and Jane- as a Distribution company for online and/or Home Video.

-Crowd-Funding platform creation for An Insignificant Man and distribution funding for Ocean Of An Old Man, Frozen and many more,

Special screenings for films like Court, Nainsukh and more.

-A collection of more than 200 documentaries were released by us including War and Peace 

Films produced and distributed by us  have travelled to festivals and award ceremonies like Sundance, Venice, Rotterdam, Berlin, SAIFF, IFFI, MAMI, Oscars and have won various National film awards along with international film awards. 

We also represent various internationally  acclaimed classic titles in India like 12 Angry Men, Children of Heaven, Bicycle Thieves, Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal and many more

We have a yearly award and our awardees include Amitabh Bachchan, Waheeda Rehman, Javed Akhtar among others. 

Enlighten our parent company, is the recipient of British Council's Young Creative Enterprise.

We have also created India's first Virtual Reality film and Film Centre.

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